Thursday, September 26, 2013

JW’s Rules to help writers succeed:

10. Turn off the TV except for football

9.  Write every day.

8. Read the type of books you want to write

7. Read books you’d never want to write

6. Block internet porn

5. Try again to block internet porn (really do it this time)

4. Prepare for the long haul, lots of work and rewriting

3. Don’t dream of publication dates, prizes, wild librarian-groupies, interviews with Terry Gross or Charlie Rose

2. Be inspired by the greats but find your own voice and believe in it (you may be a hero to tomorrow’s writers)
1. I’m not kidding, stop surfing for porn


  1. Loved your column on your history of self publishing. I can relate to 99% of it. However, when BOOKTRAKER came calling and waved their magic wand to how many total titles I have sold, given away or been tossed into the fire I was amazed that my 5 novels have gone over the 12,000 mark. Still the net royalties afforded me enough money to get my one suit out of hock from the dry cleaners.

    1. Indeed. Twain said anyone who writes for any reason other than money is a fool. I'm afraid the economics of creating have changed drastically since his day. Nowadays, anyone who writes for any other reason than the love of it is being fooled.

      The good thing is that many people have read your work. That's pretty cool. Best, John