Friday, January 18, 2013

Apology Not Accepted: Jail for Artmstrong

Sorry, Lance.

The mea culpa on national T.V. no longer covers it. Not when one's cheating has been accompanied by threats and bullying that, as described two years ago on "Sixty Minutes," sound highly prosecutable. And what of the transporting of those illegal drugs across state and international borders? If you or I did that, make no mistake, we'd be in jail right now.

My guess is that with the money he won illegally there could also be charges of fraud brought against our pedaling pal.

Meanwhile, using cancer as an excuse for his actions is reprehensible. Millions  have dealt with much more serious forms of the disease and never used it as an excuse for monstrous, greedy and prideful behavior. This is perhaps the most shameful aspect of this big lie.

So thank you for the apology Lance. It's not enough. The government needs to do its due diligence and prosecute you for any and all crimes committed during your lengthy charade. Once you serve your time, you can rejoin the rest of the human race.

But you will do so without the words "champion" or "hero" attached to your name.

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